Capricorn Yearly Horoscope capricorn yearly horoscope

2015 brings so much to you. Much that you have been working towards and being patient about pays off for you this year. Achievements and more freedom come your way. With it comes greater responsibility, which for you is icing on the cake.

You have reached a new plateau that brings you rewards, promotions, and a mini following of co-workers wanting to know your secrets of success.

Capricorn Relationships

This is a deeper, richer year for your relationships, partly due to your outward achievements. Greater peace of mind results in greater satisfaction for you in your personal life. Making progress in your business affairs gives you the room to relax and enjoy your significant other more.

This is a good year to state what you want from your relationship or getting into a relationship that has the potential to become long term. Openly communicate about what you want from a partner to ensure your life long personal goals and needs are going to be meant and worked on as a mutual partnership.

Capricorn Career Outlook

2015 pays off big for you. Like hitting the jackpot, it appears your move up the ladder of success happened in the blink of an eye but you know the work that was done by you. You achieve your goals, as well as make new ones. You do work better on your own, so hold firm on that.

Capricorn Money and Finance

Money, like your promotions pay off this year. However, avoid indulging or getting into a habit of impulse buying. This is an area that applies to everyone, no matter what horoscope sign. Instead, put your focus on researching and learning new ways to make your money work for you. Branch out into areas unfamiliar to you. You may not invest in those areas, but the knowledge it gives you will help you understand your own investments better and improve on their returns.