Virgo Weekly Horoscopevirgo weekly horoscope

July 20 - 26

Virgo, good week to sort out what you want. Work out the details. You have the big picture, you just need to fill in the details. Social time for you, getting together with friends. Avoid the tendency to over do your generosity. Let yourself go some, but also pull back on the reigns to keep from spending money without something to show for it in the morning, like clothes.

July 13 - 19

Virgo, this week you take it upon yourself to tell others what to do to take care of themselves. Maybe you can’t sleep at night with worry that your loved ones are running with scissors or eating too much sugar. But your job is to take care of yourself and let others do the same by taking care of themselves. Your worries and concerns about what others are doing or not doing are really worries about what you are doing or not doing. Take care of yourself and see your concerns about others fall away.