Scorpio Weekly Horoscope scorpio weekly horoscope

July 20 - 26

Scorpio, this is your week and your time to shine. People find you charming. You are able to envision and speak your goals clearly so everyone hears you, and takes you seriously. Your instincts are right. Your insights are sharp. Make your moves in your dealings with other people. Especially where you want to get to them say "yes." to your great ideas.

July 13 - 19

Scorpio, this week you want to know who holds the power and how to tap into it. It is obvious to you and yet secret at the same time. You wonder which direction and person to follow to find the true source of what you are looking for. You have to bet on a good guess to choose one over another, rather than find proof positive as you would like. This is more about trusting yourself to make the right decision and do the right thing as well.