Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope sagittarius weekly horoscope

June 22 - 28

Sagittarius, this week you kick off an endless parade of summer fun and parties. Your interactions with others range from being the life of the party to dealing with more serious issues with family members without the usual drama. Your happy mood is indestructible now. Soar to new heights!

June 15 - 21

Sagittarius, this week your patient with others is depleted. Every little thing irritates you. Funny thing is you think it's them. No. It's you. Proof is in the fact the the things that are bothering you this week, have never bothered you before. In fact, some of things happening you usually find to be funny, and are quick to forgive and forget. Besides others don't determine your reaction or your mood. You make me so angry is a false statement. It's how you react to what's happening that counts. Start there and learn how to take control and be in charge of your own life again.