Pisces Weekly Horoscope pisces weekly horoscope

July 20 - 26

Pisces, everything falls into place for you this week. Not only are you taking care of your own needs, you are also able to incorporate that into helping others. This time instead if people wanting yourSW time and energy, they are giving it to you. Your working more efficiently. You are communicating with others more clearly. And, your energy is up because your life is in sync.

July 13 - 19

Pisces, this week you are learning how to clone yourself and do more good for more people than you could otherwise do all by yourself. You can’t do this alone, and it is your leadership and passion that drives others to follow your call to action. If only you could solve all the world’s problems without making others get involved! Where’s the fun in that? Building a community means knocking on doors that people already want to open for a good cause.