Libra Weekly Horoscope libra weekly horoscope

June 22 - 28

Libra, this week is a reversal of fortunes. Your lack of energy turns completely around and becomes a new source of energized focus and love for life! Better yet, when you go out to meet and embrace it you discover it's right there ready and eager to meet and embrace you too. What a match made in heaven. Your inner being and your outer being hook up as BBF's, setting out on a new journey together. Good time to allow this to happen.

June 15 - 21

Libra, this week you realize you want more from life. However, you just are unable to formulate it or put into words. So let it percolate for a while. There is a new phase opening up your life. You have been feeling this coming on for a while now. And you are anxious to start, right now, today. When the time is right, is does pop for you. Be patient just a wee bit longer.