Gemini Weekly Horoscope gemini weekly horoscope

July 20 - 26

Gemini, there is no holding you back this week. You are on fire. You have clear goals and the need to put them into action. You come on too strong for some, remember this is your agenda, others have their own agenda. hare your ideas and goals and expecting people to drop what they are involved in to hop on your bandwagon.

July 13 - 19

Gemini, this week you are focused on family more than usual and weighing how important they are in your life, especially as compared to your large circle of friends. The old saying “blood is thicker than water” applies here, as you have free choice to pick and choose your pals, but not your family. It may come down to who gives you more grief in life to decide to “be there for them” and how certain folks upset your apple cart on a regular basis.