Cancer Weekly Horoscope cancer weekly horoscope

July 20 - 26

Cancer, this week the he child in you wants to come out and play. You find all kinds of excuses to play hooky from responsibilities at work, school and elsewhere. Watch the tendency to think people begrudge you for taking any time off and make them the bad guy when you feeling guilty. No one is watching you or judging you, except for you. You are in the mood for fun, so roll with it while you are in the mood, free of worry.

July 13 - 19

Cancer, this week the New Moon on July 14-15 has you wanting to turn a new page and chapter in your life. You take lessons learned from past mistakes and vow never to let them happen again. It helps to write this all down to truly memorialize plans and prepare for a solid path for a new destination and outcome. Emotions play a big role in your vision of the future, where you want to feel better about yourself based on actual achievements you deem worthy of your time.