Cancer Weekly Horoscope cancer weekly horoscope

June 22 - 28

Cancer, this week kicks off your favorite time of year. Not just because it’s your birthday, but because of the family get together's and celebrations with friends. You love being at the heart of festivities and always get everyone in the spirit, too. There’s hard work ahead this week, but you don’t mind as this is exactly what you signed up for. More important, you become an ambassador of sorts to make people feel welcomed and wanted.

June 15 - 21

Cancer, this week you keep to yourself. Turn off your phone, text messages, etc. to give yourself the time to explore what is going on in your life. You want more from life. This is a pivotal point for you, a minor one, but a new outlook is in the work for you. So tune out everyone else, give yourself the privacy you want and enjoy the positive changes and improved lifestyle that comes from it as a result.