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Leo Aquarius relationships are compatible. They love surprises and being spontaneous. Both are outgoing people, with Leo being more so. Aquarius can be shy so it's usually Leo who takes center stage when they are together.

Leo - Aquarius Compatibility

Leo wants to rule, and that’s fine with Aquarius, but not if it's against their will. Both are stubborn, but with the true affection between them, it shouldn't’t cause too many problems in finding a compromise.

When it comes to public affection, Aquarius is the least demonstrative of astrology signs. Leo is the most affectionate. Aquarius must learn how to warm up to their Leo partner, which helps them open up to other people in their life to give them a genuine hug and a kiss.

Leos learn lessons in being humble as they watch Aquarius go about helping others without expecting a reward or recognition. Strangely, Leo is a grounding force for Aquarius by helping them stay in touch with the general thinking of groups of people. Aquarius helps Leo become less influenced by their ego, and need for praise.

Famous Leo Aquarius Relationships:

  • Justin Theroux, Leo and Jennifer Aniston, Aquarius
  • Mila Kunis, Leo and Ashton Kutcher, Aquarius
  • Whitney Houston, Leo and Bobby Brown, Aquarius