2014 Horoscope Year for CapricornHoroscope Year for Capricorn

The beginning and ending of any calendar year is full of opportunities for you. You create your own luck no matter the circumstances. Your mind is mentally sharpest in January and December so take advantage of that.

You begin 2014 with your eye on the money ball, and ways to better conserve and also recycle resources. If anyone can squeeze blood out of a stone Ė itís you.

There are plenty of power struggles that get tangled up with the job at hand, and if any one knows how to sail through them, it is you. Above all, you want to be fair and that is never easy as it is up to peopleís interpretation as to what that is. So, you will listen and learn and decide where to bet on the best horse for the race ahead.

The tug-o-wars continue January through June, and intensify in July and August, when itís especially important to watch your back and not divulge information unnecessarily, as it can and likely will be used against you. Perhaps this is exactly what you want, but be aware of what you are doing and why. Afterwards, the mold has been cast and you will handle it as best you can through the end of 2014. This will likely include cutting ties once and for all or at least quitting certain activities that you see as a waste of energy and resources.

Thereís a lot of having to start from scratch and come up with brand new blueprints to accomplish recent plans that got tweaked in late 2013. You may not be responsible for what has been broken, but it is your responsibility to fix much of it.

Friendship has meant more to these last couple of years, but it has its limits in terms of you trusting them completely. If the truth be told, it works both ways and you struggle with that, even as you know people have every reason not to reveal everything or give in blindly to what you ask of them. Still, you strive to build on mutual respect for everyoneís opinions and choices, even when they are not your own.

One underlying issue for you is who has control over what? Here is the answer: you have control over your own life and affairs and other people have control over their own life and affairs.

Your end goal for 2014 to come out ahead of the game, doing better than when the year started. Itís easy to know what you donít want, but have you decided what you do? How many categories are there for you to include so you can live happily ever after?