Virgo Halloween Costumes virgo halloween costume ideas

Halloween Costumes for Virgo are practical and tied to their everyday lives.

Virgos tend to work in jobs that require wearing a uniform. Therefore, they tend to go to Halloween costume parties in their work clothes. Or, borrow from another uniform wearing jobs like police or paramedic.

  • Doctor or Nurse
  • Pilot or Flight Attendant
  • Swat or Navy Seal

Virgo Halloween Costume Trait: Role Playing

When wearing a costume, Virgos act the part they dress for. For example they have fun impersonating a nurse or doctor that administers a cure-all drink to the guests, or be the police officer that frisks people at the door.

  • Police Officer
  • Nun or Priest
  • School Principal

When they do go in costume, they may wear something that makes a social statement. Wearing recyclable trash bags to emphasis the green movement, for example. Or, dressing in rags to call attention to economic crisis.

  • Veteran
  • Homeless Person
  • Climate Change Activist

Virgo's Would Rather Halloween Parties

Want a fun Halloween? Ask a Virgo to help you plan it. They are excellent at bringing out the details that make the holiday fun.