Scorpio Halloween Costume Ideas scorpio halloween costume ideas

Scorpio loves a mystery and juicy secrets, but let their inner self come out at Halloween when they dress up in their Halloween costume as someone else.

Scorpio may not make it clear what their costume is all about, leaving others to guess who they. Scorpio loves having people guess the wrong answers as much as the right ones!

  • Maleficent
  • Batman or Batgirl

Costume Trait of Scorpio Has a Dark Side

There is a sexy and/or dark side to Scorpio’s attire, like dressing as Elvira or Count Dracula. This allows them to do something risque and daring to show a side of themselves they rarely reveal to the world.

  • Edward or Alice from Twilight
  • Bane from Batman Rises
  • Sharknado

Scorpios love playing bad boy or bad girl types, including gangsters, felons and other notables that live outside the law. Likewise, Scorpio enjoys playing authority figures who have abused their power.

  • Chris Brown
  • Charlie Sheen
  • Lindsay Lohan

Make no mistake, Scorpio is playing an aspect of their self when they are in costume, and they do dress to be noticed!