Sagittarius Halloween Costumes Halloween Costumes Sagittarius

Sagittarius is up for going to as many parties as they can get to on Halloween.

Sagittarius have to dress up in their Halloween costumes as a hero! If they’re not dressed in a costume as a real-life hero, then they will wear an exaggerated version of a famous movie or TV character.

The hero Sagittarius looks to emulate is someone who doesn’t always follow rules, but in the end plays a good person.

Sagittarius Costume Trait: Too Many Choices

The hardest part for Sagittarius is choosing what to wear. They drive them self and everyone else around them crazy deciding on a costume to wear for Halloween.

Once they decide on a costume, they do it up right by adding on any wigs, jewelry and other obvious accessories, so they look and play the part completely.