Pisces Halloween Costume Ideas pisces halloween costume ideas

Pisces get to show their darker side around Halloween because it's the one holiday when being macabre is accepted.

Pisces love dressing in Halloween costumes as fantasy-type characters, whether from real life, famous movie or story.

This is Pisces chance to be that famous person. To live vicariously through the character and experience what it's like to be that celebrated person.

  • Kim Kardashian
  • Donald Trump
  • Liberace

Pisces Costume Traits Include the Classics

Pisces also enjoys dressing up as classic characters such as a pirate or witch. And, Pisces enjoys dressing up as popular entertainers.

  • Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj
  • Michael Jackson
  • Justin Beiber

There is something of a tragic component to their character, like playing a character from the movie Titanic or The Joker from the Dark Knight.

Pisces likes being as real as possible. They pay close attention to every detail from head to toe.

  • Belly Dancer
  • Greek Goddess
  • Count Dracula

Pisces are some of the most beautiful and handsome people in the horoscope. When they dress to impress they can really pull it off!

Pisces like to spook-it-up on Halloween and becomes as morbid as they can get playing the worst of the worst like Freddie Kruger, Pin Head or bad guy Bane from Batman. They love scaring everyone out of their mind, but are careful not to go too far with the jokes.

Pisces enjoys the escape from their everyday persona when they dress up in costume so they can briefly live in a totally different reality. Anything goes in choosing their costume, from the ancient past, to the present day and distant future. The more Pisces you invite to your costume party the more fun it’s going to be!