Capricorn Halloween Costume Ideas capricorn halloween costume ideas

Capricorns make their Halloween costumes with what they have at hand. They spend very little time getting ready because they are too busy working.

Capricorns dress in Halloween costumes as a real person. They use their own clothes to pull it off.

  • Barack or Michelle Obama
  • Cleopatra
  • Adam Lambert

Adding accessories comes in handy. Anything from a wig or royal crown to swords and light sabers.

Capricorns Know Their Characters

Capricorns are best at dressing up as popular characters, fiction and non-fiction. They enjoy wearing the costume of historical figures they admire. Not content to merely play a pirate, they dress as Blackbeard or Captain Jack Sparrow.

  • Liberace
  • Capt. American
  • Kim Kardashian

Costume Trait Has a History

Capricorns also use their costume to teach history lessons. They get a conversation started with asking a "did you know?" question. That way the people at the party learn about the character’s life in detail.

  • Count Dracula
  • Maleficent
  • Bane from Batman

However, Capricorns do not like having so much attention thrust on them. But, they are quick to buy the most outrageous costume for their pet or child to wear, and take full credit for their sense of humor.