Aries Halloween Costume Ideas aries halloween costume ideas

At Halloween Aries is the leader of the group, whether it's going door to door or attending a party.

Aries wants to be the super hero and wear a Halloween costume of someone who conquers their world, including Batman, Iron Man or Batgirl.

Aries does more than just wear a costume.

Aries takes on the character of their costume. They interact with others as their Halloween costume character.

  • Donald Trump
  • Taylor Swift
  • Marcus Luttrell (Lone Survivor)

They have to play the role, using whatever accessories they can find to pull it off, including handcuffs, fake guns, jewelry, vintage hats and so on.

  • Police Officer
  • Doctor or Nurse
  • Iron Man

if Aries goes as a policeman then they will frisk or arrest a party goer. There is no end to how they can get others involved if they are dressed as a fireman, life guard or anything else!

Aries Accessorize Their Costumes

Depending on if Aries is doing a rush job on their costume, or going all out, they make sure they leave an impression when they dress up. They like being the best at everything they do!

  • Maleficent
  • Lalaloopsy

Still Aries may opt for a bare-bones costume that is nothing more than an eye patch along with a fake parrot to be Capt. Jack Sparrow, or strap bricks to their feet and go as Lady Gaga.

Just cause it’s fast to create, doesn’t mean it can’t be funny. With Aries, it also has to be funny.

  • Capt. America
  • Star Lord, Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Expendable Character (any)
  • Larry the Cable Guy