Aquarius Halloween Costume Ideas aquarius halloween costume ideas

Aquarians love parties and Halloween is one of their favorites. It gives them the chance to behave like someone else in a social setting.

Aquarians try on many ideas for Halloween and costumes until they find the right one for them. They choose people they can get into character and behave like them at the party.

  • Kim Kardashian
  • Hugh Hefner
  • Donald Trump

Aquarius Makes An Entrance

It’s likely that Aquarius arrives late to the costume party. That way they can make a dramatic entrance. Especially if it is a personality trait of the character they are pretending to be.

  • Joan Rivers
  • Marilyn Monroe

Aquarius go for authenticity, using accessories to achieve realism. Aquarians rely vintage clothing to depict a period they admire. They like playing characters they admire.

  • Mae West
  • Abe Lincoln

Aquarians avoid being the center of attention because they are shy. Wearing a costume lets them be noticed while hiding behind the character they are pretending to be.

  • Rock Star
  • King or Queen

Where Do Aquarians Get Their Inspiration?

Aquarians look at current political figures and celebrities in the news. Or, they may choose a popular actor. When nothing trendy grabs their attention, Aquarians look to well-known historical figures for ideas, both living and fictional.

  • Barak Obama or Mitt Romney
  • Chef Ramsey or Julia Childs
  • Captain Jack Sparrow or James Bond