Virgo Dating Horoscope virgo dating horoscope

Virgos are down-to-earth people when it come to dating. They don’t expect a limousine to pull up with you holding a bouquet of roses to greet them. on your first date, or even on your first anniversary. They like to keep their dates grounded in reality, local affordable places.

Dating a Virgo What to Expect

Virgo want to know exactly what the plans are for your date, so they can plan what to wear and what to take. They may even tell you what to wear and take with you, just because that’s what they do.

Don’t be surprised if they bring along a road map, or call the automobile club to find out the best way to get to where you are going.

Dating a Virgo What It Means

Dating a Virgo means mixing work with pleasure. This goes for dating women as well as dating men.

Even on a date Virgo's find ways to sneak in a work errand or two. During dinner they discuss their current and pending projects.

Virgos expects you to be on time even though they are running late. That’s because they are busy doing a chore that can’t wait. So you wait. They figure you will use the time to catch up on your phone calls and text messages.

Virgo Dating Rules - Their Likes and Dislikes

Their rules start with "no kissing on the first date," to "we have been going out for years, and it’s time we settled down." They assume that their rules are important and impossible to turn down.

They are not romantic. They are predictable, not spontaneous with their partners. However, they like sex and see it as an enjoyable and healthy part of life.

If you are looking for a serious relationship, Virgo’s deliver. They know what they want, and once they find it, are quick to commit.

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5 Tips for Dating an Virgo

  1. Show interest in their work
  2. Share outdoor activities together
  3. Be willing to run errands during dates
  4. Expect to follow Virgo rules about dating
  5. Plan practical dating outings, nothing over the top