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Dating Horoscope Scorpio Dating Horoscope Scorpio

Scorpio's indulge in luxury and elegance when entertaining other, especially when they are being entertained on a date. They love impressing their dates by staying at a 5-star hotel, or dining in a private seating area in an exclusive restaurant.

Dating a Scorpio What to Expect

Once your date with Scorpio begins, an unspoken intensity erupts between you and Scorpio that is impossible to ignore.

Scorpios leave a lasting impression on their dates, for good or bad reasons.

Dating a Scorpio Takes Time

Scorpios are slow to trust people. You wait a long time for a commitment from them. However, once they decide you are the one they are dependable companions and good providers.

Scorpio always has your best interest in mind, because what happens to you happens to them.

Scorpio Dating Tip: Scorpio's are Intense

Scorpioís have a magnetic sexuality that is both alluring and yet feels dangerous. Scorpios deserve their sexual reputation, and they challenge their lovers to give something back to "the party."

They love mystery and intrigue. You need only wear a coat over your sexy underwear to drive them wild. They love fantasy and playing them out with their partner.

Word of caution about Scorpioís. Donít be freaky around their friends and family. That stuff is only for behind closed doors. They donít care if people know about what they do, but donít flaunt it in front of their relatives, co-workers or friends.

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