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When dating Sagittarius, plan some type of physical adventuresome activity like hiking, camping or surfing. They are daring. They push themselves and you, too, so plan for detours and delays in your date. It can feel like you are chasing them instead of walking side by side.

Sagittarius Likes Excitement on Their Dates

Sagittarius loves sports, and wants a partner who will share in watching and playing games of all types. They love to gamble, too, and you can make a bet on whatever you want to, and they will take you up on it. They love to party and don’t need a reason to put together a party at the last minute.

They have a great sense of humor. Yet, when you want to be serious, they may not "get it" and make the mistake of making fun of you.

Sagittarius don’t have a mean bone in their body but they do love to play practical jokes. The nice thing is, they can also take a joke at their own expense.

Sagittarius Dating Tip: Slow to Commitment

Sagittarius has the reputation of being the last horoscope sign to settle down in a relationship. However, they make it a point to have fun until they take themselves off the market.

Everyone they ever loved holds a special place in their heart forever.

Hopeless romantics, they believe in the myth of a perfect love rather than the harsher realities. They have a hard time making a commitment for fear it will hold them down and become domesticated.

Dating a Sagittarius is like dating a whirlwind. One minute they’re there right beside you and next minute they are no where to be found.

They are always busy, but to others, it looks like "busy doing nothing." They are so busy you get the feeling they are letting you take you away from their work.

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5 Tips Dating a Sagittarius

  1. Go to the great outdoors often
  2. Make your date an adventure
  3. Don’t expect them to be on time
  4. Plan physical activities like hiking and biking
  5. Find ways to make a game out of what you are doing