Libra Dating Horoscope libra dating horoscope

Going on a date with Libra involves the arts: movies, concerts, flower shows, or museum exhibits.

Dating A Libra What They Like

Find a beautiful spot and take Libra there on your date, and that’s all you have to do to show how much you care. Bring along a picnic for added romance.

Ask a Libra what they want to do on their date and they respond back, "whatever you want to do." They sincerely do want to know what is going to make you happy. They want to do what you want to do.

Go ahead and make plans for your date with a Libra. They do know what they would like to do. However, they want to hear your idea first. Once they agree to your plan, they let you know what they had in mind to do on the date.

Libras are People Pleasers

Libra is the sign of relationships. They identify with their partner and feel lost with out them. They look for someone to "complete them" working through identity issues with those close to them. That is how they discover and accept themselves apart from others.

Above all, Libra believes in being fair. They know who owes who a dinner because the other one paid the last time. Likewise, they show where you owe them for something that you thought was simply a favor. This opens discussions on what is expected of each other, and Libra will try and make it both fair and equal.

Libras are Sensitive

Libras are sensitive people. Libras react strongly to opinions they disagree with. They take opposite sides of any discussion to create a balance by weighing all sides to issues. That’s what Libra's do.

Don’t take their presenting every side seriously. Just because a Libra presents other points of view, doesn't mean they believe it. So don't be surprised when they a kiss from you after they presented a different perspective than yours.

5 Tips on Dating a Libra

  1. Watch their favorite movies with them
  2. Plan a trip to their favorite museum
  3. Take them someplace with a beautiful view
  4. Join in on passionate debates about everything
  5. Have a plan for your date but be ready to change them