Leo Dating Horoscope leo dating horoscope

On your date with a Leo, make it a mixed bag of romance paired with something fun, like a date to Disneyland, and dinner at their finest restaurant while watching the sunset. Leos want it all, and appreciate those who show them a good time.

Always compliment Leo on their clothing, make up, hair, anything you notice they did special for the occasion. This is just as true for Leo men as Leo Women.

And, be prepared to play second fiddle on your date. The limelight is for Leo to shine in, and you get to share it from the sidelines.

Leo's Feel Love Deeper Than Most

Leo's love more deeply than other horoscope signs. That means you are being sized up to see if you are marriage material, or at least someone they can get serious with and trust their heart to.

Leos have been burned in love, just like everyone else, except Leos take it harder. Therefore, they withhold their deep feelings at first. They waiting for you to make the first move and say you care for them.

Once a Leo professes their love to you watch out because they expect passion and fire works in their relationships.

Leos love being in love. They are expressive with their feelings. They are affectionate and expect you to show them, often. They need constant reassurance about your feelings for them. A little reassurance goes a long way with Leo. They just need to know you are thinking about them, and that you can’t wait to be with them.

Leos are generous. They heap gifts on their partner to reinforce their loyalty and commitment in the relationship. They love getting gifts in return, too.

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5 Tips for Dating a Leo

  1. Plan something fun
  2. Compliment them often
  3. Mix romance with playful activities
  4. Surprise them with a gift for no reason
  5. Don’t say you care about them unless you mean it