Aquarius Dating Horoscope aquarius dating horoscope

Dating an Aquarius is like dating your best friend. Aquarians love everyone. And, when they date, it has to include being with friends and sharing in group activities.

If you don’t like their friends, or their friends don’t like you than your dating relationship is doomed. But, you can still stay friends.

Aquarius Dating Tip: Surprise Them

It’s easy to surprise them because they don't check up on your activities.

If you want to surprise an Aquarian, tell them you are going to the moon on their date. They will think there is some truth to it.

Your date could start by stopping to park on Moon Street in your hometown for a quick kiss. This puts your creativity out there to show Aquarius why you are a little crazy, like they are, and why they should want to spend more time with you.

Aquarians Not Jealous Type

Aquarians are not the needy or jealous type. They are independent people, to the point you think they don’t want or need you. They go for weeks without seeing you, but to them it was just yesterday they talked to you.

Aquarius feel you should know they care about you because they mentioned it once. Aquarians keep their feelings to themselves. However, if they say they love you they mean it.

Impress Aquarius by Volunteering

If there’s one way to get to an Aquarian to like you, its by supporting their non-profit causes. There’s more than one group they volunteer for to help make the world a better place.

Once you know an Aquarian, you see how meaningful it is for them to be participating in the world scene. They won’t make you join them, but they won’t allow you to stop them from doing it, either.

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5 Tips Dating an Aquarius

  1. Be honest about everything
  2. Support their volunteer efforts
  3. Include their friends in your plans
  4. Surprise them whenever possible
  5. Give them their space and freedom