Careers AquariusCareers Aquarius

In their careers Aquarians have traits that cause them to get involved helping others and working with people.

Aquarius is Intelligent and creative in their approach to work.

For careers Aquarius is the sign of electricity, aviation, astrology, exploration, futurist, motion pictures, photography, psychotherapy, broadcasting, government and politics telephones, social movements, spirituality and clubs of all types.

They are problem solvers. Aquarius treats the cause as well as the symptom.

Career Aquarius Traits

Aquarians make lots of friends at work. They are great networkers. It serves them well when they need an endorsement to sell an idea or sell their self in some way.

Aquarius must adapt and adjust to an ever-changing work environment and working conditions. Aquarians would be bored and look elsewhere for work if it were any other way.

Aquarians love being in positions that put them in front of people.