Weekly Horoscope Virgoweekly horoscope virgo

December 15 - 21

Virgo, crunch time for the holidays, but is it fun time? Why does it have to be so much work - especially when you are trying to instill the sense of tradition and what the season means? It's easy to be the party pooper when you remind everyone of their duty to recycle and not waste and to give back and more blah blah blahs. Not to rag on you Virgo, but why not let the party patrol take over, and you join in the fun they create? Remember to be young at heart is to be healthy!

December 8 - 14

Virgo, this week you can be held back by your fears or pulled forward by your dreams. It's up to you. Counting your blessings pulls you up and out of dwelling on the fears. You have set projects in motion. There is nothing more to be done to prepare yourself for the good that is coming to you. So busy yourself with the holidays or find something fun and relaxing to busy and occupy yourself with until the seeds you have planted sprout.