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Virgo April 14 - 20

Virgo your opinions mean a lot to you, they are your own creation. Even though they may not matter to anyone else does not negate their mean for you. Getting into discussions with others expecting to win them over to you side never works out. Each to their own. Everyone does not need to agree with you in order for your ideas and thoughts to be right and to work for you. You have the choice to argue with others on your disagreements or look beyond that and choose to talk about and work with others on issues where you do agree.

Virgo March 7 - 13

Virgo you are trying to be right and help others prevent problems but you are the only one who sees the danger. Are you right? Or, did the thought get put there by someone else and then you saw the problem? You may be reading more into the situation than there is. And, sounding the alarm to others will have them looking at you for solid facts. If you are right you are a hero, if wrong ... someone to be avoided. What to do? Take measures to avoid problems for you if it turns out to be right. Keep it to yourself for now. If others see it they will start talking about it too.