Weekly Horoscope Virgoweekly horoscope virgo

October 20 - 26

Virgo you get to where you just know you are the only one who knows how to do everything right that people pull away. This week, everyone else seems to have left the building except you. Stop applying your high standards to everyone else so you can enjoy them not for how they do things but simply for who they are.

October 13 - 19

Virgo, feeling emotionally out of control this week. Usually you ignore your feelings in exchange for logical ones. Leading with your mind is more noble than with your heart. Or so you think. Your emotions are your guidance system. And they are telling you something you need to hear when they get out of whack. Bad feelings are telling you to change course, just like a burnt hand is telling you to take you hand off the hot stove. When life does not feel good, move on to something that does feel good.