Weekly Horoscope Virgoweekly horoscope virgo

Virgo April 21 - 27

Virgo your being able to move along with the flow something runs smoothly this week, other times not so much. Your current situation is changing to day until everything falls into place. So you can go with the flow, since it will take you to where you are going. It may take a while longer than you expected, but that is because you estimated how much time it takes. Or, you can micro manage and try to make things go how you think they should go. Take the easy way, just go with the flow.

Virgo April 14 - 20

Virgo your opinions mean a lot to you, they are your own creation. Even though they may not matter to anyone else does not negate their mean for you. Getting into discussions with others expecting to win them over to you side never works out. Each to their own. Everyone does not need to agree with you in order for your ideas and thoughts to be right and to work for you. You have the choice to argue with others on your disagreements or look beyond that and choose to talk about and work with others on issues where you do agree.