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Virgo July 28 - Aug. 3

Virgo you make situations far worse than they are by imagining the worse that can happen. And, telling everyone else what you think and feel only makes your thoughts loom larger. Stop! You are needlessly scaring yourself, as well as attracting this things to you. That's shooting yourself in the foot. People often get what they expect, so if you expect the worse ... you just may get that. Stop worrying about what may happen and get busy living what is happening.

Virgo July 21 - 27

Virgo this is an emotional week. Even you are surprised that tears come easy over things that donít directly affect you. But when they do affect you it brings intense emotions that confuses you. Being logical is something you pride yourself on being able to stay in control. It is not necessarily one or the other. Your emotions let you know how you feel about what you are thinking about. If your feeling good about your ideas than go ahead. However, when what your thinking does not feel right to you because it feels bad, re-think the situation.