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Taurus Sept. 15 - 21

Taurus you have to go to the top and get permission, which is ultimately given by the entire organization to give you the OK to move ahead and give you what you need to do it. Do not under estimate the process and think you can slide by and cut red tape. The more you try to do that, the more it sticks to you and puts more obstacles in your path. You need to learn to be a team player.

Taurus Sept. 8 - 14

Taurus before you reap what you sow, you have to sow those oats. You don’t want to break much of a sweat, but nothing gets planted without you doing the physical steps. Getting started is the hardest part, as you are eager for the rewards to manifest right away. Where’s the reward in that, and how will you learn otherwise if the ideas on paper will bear any fruit? You would like someone else to do the heavy lifting, but what about getting someone to coach you to stay on track instead?