Weekly Horoscope Taurus Weekly Horoscope Taurus

Taurus Aug. 25 - 31

Taurus with a clap of your hands, you order everyone back to work to follow your schedule. That results in less work getting done as people find ways to thwart the project. It's time to listen to what your team needs and wants from you. Listening may be all you need to do. But do listen, they have valuable input you can benefit from.

Taurus Aug. 18 - 24

Taurus your creative side is focused on having fun whether physical, mental, mental and even spiritual. What makes people laugh is becoming a business for you and a means to make money. Nothing wrong with that, and you may be hitting a nerve that is just begging to be tickled for one reasons or another. Are you having fun in the process, or just making this another way to make a buck? You can do both and it will work for maximum results.