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Taurus April 21 - 27

Taurus there’s a part of you that feels more like your usual self, and another side that feels detached Can you connect the two, or do you have to give up on one aspect of your being to feel whole? You are denying something you want because of something you think others expect of you. That's why the feeling of being split. Align yourself with being true to yourself by pleasing yourself instead of trying to please others.

Taurus April 14 - 20

Taurus you are only running from your worst fears this week, and not the wrath you think everyone is just waiting to pile on top of you. Forgiving yourself does not start with punishing yourself. You did not mess up intentionally. In fact, your intention was to make things better. And now you know what does not work, so get up, learn from the experience and try something else that you think may work. Support yourself instead of punishing yourself.