Taurus Weekly Horoscope Weekly Horoscope Taurus

March 23 - 29

Taurus, this week your eye is on your bank balance and net worth with a strong desire to make it grow as much as possible. You try to make all decisions on your own, making it tricky if you share income and expenses with anyone else. Two or more heads always work better than one, so get everyone involved who is part of the money making/spending budget in your home and business. When everyone participates it's more likely they will follow the plan because they are part of the plan.

March 16 - 22

Taurus, you want the best deals for yourself but this week there are none to be had. While you try different angles to get what you want without success it's time to try on a different approach. When nothing is working the way it always has, it's a sign that it's time to move on to a new way of accomplishing the same results. You have had a faint though nagging at the back of your thoughts lately of doing just that. Time to act on your own thoughts, because you always give yourself the best advice.