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Taurus July 21 - 27

Taurus comfort and fun are your key words this week as you go in search of living it up as much as possible. Why not you ask, as you only live once and thereís no time to lose. Thereís no reason not to enjoy yourself and experiment with a different lifestyle. You are getting in touch with the child within. People might be surprised at your sudden party-attitude, however, that just means that don't know you like you know yourself.

Taurus July 28 - Aug. 3

Taurus you want your home sweet home to be even sweeter now to the point you may become a recluse from the world. You want a safe house, where itís your rules and everything designed with your comfort in mind. Is it your castle or your cave? Both. You treat yourself the way you want others to, which is a tall order. However, you are looking for someone else to pamper and be pampered by.