Taurus Weekly Horoscope Weekly Horoscope Taurus

May 25 - 31

Taurus, this week add the comforts and luxury of home, pulling out all stops to do just that. Many of your ideas are a throwback to your childhood. You want that sense of security and nostalgia bought into present day to be reminded of better times.

May 18 - 24

Taurus, this week you try out the changes you put in place recently. You work with different set ups and layouts of what you just just improved on to see if works look better in the corner vs. up against the wall. Like breaking in new shoes, you want to try living/working in your new space, finding it has a better fit in what you are trying to achieve. After all your changes, don't be surprised if you end up going back to what you had before with greater appreciation of the original setup.