Scorpio Weekly Horoscope Weekly Horoscope Scorpio

November 24 - 30

Scorpio, no one is listening to what you need or want this week. Itís not you. And, itís not them. Itís the timing of the situation. Yes, you are ready to move forward, but trust that things are not moving forward right now because there is still elements that need to fall into place. Get your mind off the subject for the week by jumping into the fun of the holidays, or working on something that gives your pleasure. Revisit the situation in a week when all the elements will be in place for you.

November 17 - 23

Scorpio you are odd man out this week. Everyone else says the sky is blue, but to you, the sky is green or gray or simply cloudy. So do you hold your ground or change your mind to fit in? Depends on if this is a deal breaker or something that does not mean as much to you as it means to others. Either case, speak your mind now. Whatever you decide, simply let others know how you feel, even if it is to say you are not ready to decide yet.