Scorpio Weekly Horoscope Weekly Horoscope Scorpio

May 25 - 31

Scorpio, too many people are telling you their deepest secrets this week. It's unsettling. You feel pulled into the gossip fest. Failing to do so may start unfounded rumors about you. True or not, everyone is into high drama mode this week, spreading tales that are taken out of context. It blows over on it's own, so feel free to sit it out.

May 18 - 24

Scorpio, If you canít always get what you want, can you get what you need? That is the question you will ask this week. This is not settling for less by any means, and you fully accept that as you see the glass half full instead of half empty as you so often choose to do. You are making progress in self-control that has eluded you up until now. You are more grateful now and becoming more so every day because you find it rewarding.