Weekly Horoscope for Scorpio Weekly Horoscope Scorpio

Scorpio July 28 - Aug. 3

Scorpio itís hard to find a more determined person than you, especially now. You are hell bent on getting what you want when you want it, and pity the person who stands in your way. No need to scream and shout to get them out of your way. Only you can allow yourself to stop where you are going in life. Ambition and desire can blind you to many things and you need to get a handle on what is driving you and why.

Scorpio July 21 - 27

Scorpio lately when you push, you get pushed back. You try to stop that back and forth trend by going about it another way. Will that work better? Youíll find out that it might work for the short term, but not the long run. What is more important, as you hope to gain an advantage one way or another? Ask yourself if it will be worth it to win at any cost, and if the risks outweigh the potential for success.