Scorpio Weekly Horoscope Weekly Horoscope Scorpio

Jan. 26 - Feb. 1

Scorpio you are more sensitive than you normally let on, but you let it show now. Revealing this softer side of you makes you feel stronger and even more empowered. This is a great time to get your ideas out there to make them happen. Share your thoughts only with people who do support you, are interested in what you have to say and will give you honest feedback.

January 19 - 25

Scorpio, you are keeping secrets from others this week. Without telling anyone your plans, you try convincing them to do your bidding. When that doesn't work, you tell them the truth. That's the best way to communicate with others. People are quick to pick up on manipulation. Your friendship and word remains intact when you avoid tricking people into doing something you want them to do.