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Sagittarius April 21 - 27

Sagittarius it feels like things you take for granted end up disappearing. It's not so much that you took people/things for granted. It's more that you pulled your attention away from them, did not engage with them any more and moved on. When you want something to come into your life and stay in your life keep your attention and focus active if you want them to remain in your life.

Sagittarius April 14 - 20

Sagittarius you have had a wonderful learning experience. Wonderful because you had the vision that turned out to be right. Enjoy that good feeling. In fact, savor it. This has you walking on air. No need to tell others about it because they can see with their own eyes how good you feel. If they ask, then tell them, otherwise just enjoy your achievement. If it comes up again, you can speak from experience. For now, time for moving ahead and focusing on a new challenge.