Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope Weekly Horoscope sagittarius

November 17 - 23

Sagittarius, you may think you do not know what to do in the situation you find yourself but you actually do know best. Rely on your gut instincts to guide you to take right action. Like a hero in a movie, you will be tempted to follow someone else who promises to know what is right for you, when actually their advice is only right for them. Follow your gut, figure it out as you go along, trust yourself and you will deliver the outcome that is right for you.

November 10 - 16

Sagittarius you feel like you have been born anew. Life is good again. You are back on your feet again. This is where you have wanted to be for so long that now you are here itís a bit over whelming. So relax, sit back and enjoy your return to happiness.