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Sagittarius July 21 - 27

Sagittarius if your glass was half empty last year, you believe you can fill that cup up now. If belief is all you need, you are in great shape to welcome many blessings ahead. Mostly you are grateful for getting your optimistic self back where it belongs. Itís about time. Like a kid on Christmas morning, you now look forward to opening all the presents you just know are waiting for you.

Sagittarius July 14 - 20

Sagittarius a chapter is closing for you this week even though many of the main characters remain involved with you. You have learned who to help and who can do without your rescue attempts, making it easier to move forward without resentments. At least you tried and people know that, and appreciate what you are willing to do for them. Now is when you plan for more fun time and well deserved escapes from everyday routines.