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Sagittarius Sept. 1 - 7

Sagittarius girls and boys, just want to have fun, but there is a nagging feeling telling you the party should be over and getting back to work. You are more of a night owl but are probably picking up on other peopleís vibes who are getting serious about life and donít want to see you off having a good time when they canít. Boo hoo Ė but donít rub it in.

Sagittarius Aug. 25 - 31

Sagittarius jokes often mask criticism and you are a master at those jabs that make it look like it all fun and no games. Whoís kidding who now as you come back to settle some scores and tell it like it is. It might hurt you more than them, but that is the risk you take to save people from their selves as you have tried other means before. You have a good heart.