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Pisces Sept. 22 - 28

Pisces, you see no end to the work you must be doing. With no help in sight, you feel you have too much to accomplish to be able to make things change. Don't give up, even though there is still much to get done. It is taking longer than you expected. It is harder than you expected. But your goals are being achieved. They are happening. It is coming to you, if taking longer than wanted.

Pisces Sept. 15 - 21

Pisces you are at the end of your rope. Life just can not get any worse, right? Wrong. Just let go of trying to control everyone and every situation and feel relief wash over you. Why? Because trying to control conditions and people ties you up in knots. And it is that very awful feeling and situation going terribly wrong that are red flag signals telling you to stop, let go and let life move along at it's own rhythm. Just let go. Take a vacation from your problems.