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Pisces April 14 - 20

Pisces there was a time when people believed the world was flat, and you are currently dealing with similar theories that have no basis in fact. As you volunteer to sail off the edge of the earth in search for the truth, you become a beacon of light for others to follow when you make new discoveries to share. In your journey you find that it is not facing your fears that brings the breakthroughs, it is accepting your own inspiration and impulse to act on your thoughts that make you smarter, happier and wiser.

Pisces March 7 - 13

Pisces you are onto a project that you are excited about. A project that is life changing for you. A project you want to tell everyone about ... but, not so fast. This project is yours and yours alone. It is still in its early stages, a very formative stage. Something that takes time to manifest. So hold off sharing your project with others until it is completed. Telling people about your idea now is going to invite too many cooks into the kitchen. People will tell you how to make it better or how you should be doing something else that they think is a better idea. Get the drift? This is yours and yours alone. Keep it that way until it is finished or invite naysayers who will talk you out of your creative idea.