Pisces Weekly Horoscope Weekly Horoscope Pisces

Sept. 29 - Oct. 5

Pisces, this week people asking for your help don't want your advice. You think you know better than they do about what they really need to solve their problems. You may be right. However, your friends are asking you to help in ways they think with solve their problem. If you disagree, consider turning them down. It does not do you, or them, any good to do anything you do not want to do, feel like doing, or are forced to do.

Sept. 22 - 28

Pisces, you see no end to the work you must be doing. With no help in sight, you feel you have too much to accomplish to be able to make things change. Don't give up, even though there is still much to get done. It is taking longer than you expected. It is harder than you expected. But your goals are being achieved. They are happening. It is coming to you, if taking longer than wanted.