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Pisces Sept. 1 - 7

Pisces is life hard and then you die? Good lord, what has happened to your belief for a better day? Did you let them get you down? Let the dust continue to settle on the storm others have brought over your roof. They tire of it, letting you get needed rest. You can not change other people. It's not your job to change someone else. We can only change ourselves.

Pisces Aug. 25 - 31

Pisces when trouble hits, no one wants to duck more than you. You want to grab the innocent and run for shelter, but is there anywhere to hide when you have given away the keys, security codes and other access to those who threaten your home sweet home? You know how you got in this hot mess, and know how to get out. As before, you will likely repeat the same patterns. Let someone else do the dirty job that needs to be done.