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Pisces July 21 - 27

Pisces (February 18 March 19) You are finding out about the fine line between love and hate, and both will make you feel guilty for one reason or another. What did you do to deserve this pickle you are in? Nothing. You should already know that, but somehow it makes you feel better if you think its karma for something you did. Does that get you out of this mess? No. Why is it all about you? It takes two to tango and you are probably letting someone off the hook and paying for their mistakes.

Pisces July 28 - Aug. 3

Pisces someone is leaving you. Perhaps not leaving you so much as going away, for example on an extended trip. You are fortunate to have the technology to keep in touch. And, if they do not wish to stay in touch? While it seems this is the end of something wonderful, it really is the start of something better.