Pisces Weekly  Weekly Horoscope Pisces

May 25 - 31

Pisces, this week itís hard to stay focused, let alone organized and productive. Distractions are fighting for your attention, and winning. You are reactive instead of being proactive. Every time the phone rings you drop what you are doing to run to the rescue and let what you are currently working on remain unfinished. Take control by working through your "to do list" from the top down, otherwise these non-issues chewing up your time are going to have an impact in that you get nothing done at the end of the day, week and month.

May 18 - 24

Pisces, this week mishaps abound, causing you to lose keys, and other items you need to get out the door and tackle daily routines. You need to get organized and get focused. You have put your routines on auto-pilot, and that is when unexpected chaos crops up. Plan your day, review it before stepping out the door, and have the essentials (i.e. keys, briefcase) lined up at the door waiting for you in the morning.