Pisces Weekly Horoscope Weekly Horoscope Pisces

December 22 - 28

Pisces, your thoughts drift to Christmas past and Christmas present this week. You bounce back and forth between how it was when you were little and how it is now. You look for guidance from a trusted older friend or family member to get a clearer understanding of future choices and direction.

December 15 - 21

Pisces, are you burning out before the holidays arrive? Pushing yourself too hard? While you go through the motions to display the meaning of the season, you know it's more of an act than reality for you this year. Why do you feel you are always the one to make everyone else have the merriest experience of opening gifts, attending parties and the best of times? Unless you yourself are merry cherry and bright, you have nothing to give to others. So make getting in the mood your dominant intent this season and enjoy!