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Libra April 14 - 20

Libra you are moving on without the need to rehash the past or try to fix or change it (an impossible task). By doing so, you feel more alive than before and people are picking up on your good mood. As you see the world differently, you will find others deal with you differently too, in a very positive way to your liking.

Libra March 7 - 13

Libra while others see you as living in the clouds so be it. You are following your bliss. Others may try to convince you it's important to look at what's not working. However, you are one who always looks at what is working. Others don't get you. And you really really don't understand why others are always focusing on problems. Life is far better when you set your sights on what's working out, on what brings greater happiness and increases your enjoyment of life.