Weekly Horoscope Libra Weekly Horoscope Libra

Libra Aug. 25 - 31

Libra where have all your friends gone? Who are your friends now? What is the definition of a friend and why do you need them? Lots of questions to answer, and the main one is why now? You like to ponder life’s questions and go more deeply than most to find meaning that leads to fulfillment. What will you do with this quest? Chances are you will keep most of this journey to yourself, even though it requires other people to travel with.

Libra Aug. 18 - 24

Libra you have fine appreciating what makes you happy.. You decide to amp up now and get in the front seat of the roller coaster to test personal limits and experience a new view and thrills. You won’t venture out alone, and ask others you know who have been there and done that to be your tour guide.