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Libra July July 21 - 27

Libra you wrestle with the dilemma of speaking up or staying quiet about a situation and you don't like either position. How did you get into this mess and how do you get out? Quite simple. Stop thinking you know what's going on in a situation that does not involve. You don't know enough about the situation at hand. You don't have enough information to resolve it. Other people's problems are their own, not yours. It's okay not getting involved in other people's problems.

Libra July 14 - 20

Libra you use the powers of persuasion this week as you communicate what people to people what they want to hear. The good news is this is all the real thing even if it does sound too good to be true and too easy to pull off. Obviously, not everything has to be hard in life, but you arenít taking any short cuts as you now get to go down hill after traveling upwards on a steep road before now. Enjoy this time, you earned it.