Libra Weekly Horoscope Weekly Horoscope Libra

November 24 - 30

Libra, you always hold back from speaking up when someone has broken their promise to you or brushed off something important to you. You have a myriad of reasons for not bringing it to their attention. Which all boil down to you donít want to cause an argument or make anyone be mad at you. Well, you avoid that by stating your case logically, not emotionally because your feelings are hurt. Find a way to calmly and straightforwardly let people know they have fallen down on their promises to you. No diva drama or tears or shouting. Just straightforward attitude from you. Speaking up with situations like this come up keeps you from building up stress and tension that affects your physical health.

November 17 - 23

Libra, you are ignoring all the sacred cows this week and care less if it upsets others. What you are going through is a wonderful expansion of your own personal ability and abilities while diminishing the powers of authoritative figures around you. Itís time for you to grow up more by assuming control over your own life instead of leaving it In the hands of other people. All of this makes you laugh, more out of relief at realizing you have the same power as others and not because you think anyone a fool.