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Libra Sept. 22 - 28

Libra, you are learning that everyone sees events from their own perspective. Especially family and friends who share the same experiences. Agree to disagree with others about events in the past. However, when it comes to your future, agree to listen only to yourself. You are focused on making positive changes in your life. Because that is your sincere intent, the actions you feel compelled to take are going to get you there. So ignore the opinions of others about your life and your future. Their opinions differ from yours about the past, and so their opinions differ from yours about the future. It's okay to disagree.

Libra Sept. 15 - 21

Libra you donít show it, but you push yourself a lot, especially now. Your subconscious is not so quiet now, as it urges you to be the person you are becoming. Relax. Everything is unfolding step by step. You really do not want it to come all at once. Enjoy the ride. Sit back, get comfortable, it's automatically manifesting for you. Your work is done. It's happening. So relax.