Libra Weekly Horoscope Weekly Horoscope Libra

December 15 - 21

Libra, you are having fun mixing in the holidays with your work time. Even though you are working hard, you find time to spread holiday cheer at your office and share the fun with friends. You find ways to incorporate the spirit of the season when working with co-workers and customers. Your holiday creativity is turned on high this year, finding new ways to surprise and delight everyone.

December 8 - 14

Libra, this week you feel like you got hit with a curve ball out of the blue. You find yourself in a situation where you think you are too blame. Actually it's the person telling you that you are at fault. Ignore the finger-pointing others are doing this week. It's as if their emotions are on drugs and once they come down they calm down and get real. No need for you to go there with them. So tune the drama out. Instead go out and do something fun for yourself.