Weekly Horoscope Leo Weekly Horoscope Leo

Leo July 28 - Aug. 3

Leo emotions are highlighted this week as you are easily triggered to go to extremes over little things that donít warrant such a reaction. You know it, and are working hard to keep feelings in check so you donít blow a fuse on someone who doesnít deserve your wrath. The same is true for expressing your affection that may turn people off and reject your advances. This is temporary as you get in touch with your inner being that is exaggerated so you donít miss it. Quickest way out is to chill out, take a mini vacation from your problems.

Leo July 21 - 27

Leo let the celebrations begin as your birthday month is finally here. You have more ideas than actual plans in place as you donít want to set things in stone in case you miss out on a perfect party experience. Does it have to be a ďbe all to end allĒ deal to be worthwhile? What are you really trying to achieve when all is said and done? Thatís probably a simple answer and wonít take much to pull off. Everything else is icing on the cake.