Leo Weekly Horoscope Weekly Horoscope Leo

November 24 - 30

Leo, thank goodness there is time off for you this week. Jump into your pajamas, binge watch those shows you have saved for a time like this. Turn off your brain, and just play. Go socialize with friends you want to catch up with. Take a day trip within a hourís drive of your home. Daydream. Unwind. Have fun!

November 17 - 23

Leo, so many of your goals have been reached or are in the process of unfolding as you read this. Everything you wished for a short while ago is happening. And now you are ready for new challenges, new desires and new experiences in your life. Thatís what you are waking up to now. Something new, but what? Good question. So ask yourself what you want to do next. Yes, actually ask yourself and then forget about it, which gives your subconscious time to deliver the answer back to you. Have patient and faith that within a short time you will know which new direction to go in, which new experience excites you and what new desires are waiting to unfold within you.