Leo Weekly Horoscope Weekly Horoscope Leo

May 18 - 24

Leo, hopes, wishes and dreams are on your list to pursue this week. You engage in long term planning for big results. You enlist your friends, co-workers and anyone else you see as part of your support group to help you reach goals and share in your victory lap when it happens. When possible, give them incentives to keep everyone involved and motivated. That in turn keeps you on track, and helps you make your team stronger.

May 11 - 17

Leo, this week you wonder what is taking so long to accomplish something that should already be done. You point the finger at others who donít appear to care and are not doing their job or pulling their weight as you are. Unfortunately that wonít help move things faster and your own patient and expectations are needed to wait while everything comes together in just the way you want it. It's coming, be patient, and above all, keep imagining yourself having what it is you want.