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Leo April 14 - 20

Leo what you think about yourself is the only thing that matters. Others may have pointed out their dislike of you, but realize that when people are mean to others, they are only being mean to themselves. Think about it. When you are in a fantastic mood, no one or nothing can dampen your mood. So focus more on being in that state of mind, feeling good, and you will discover that what others do or think does not matter to you.

Leo March 7 - 13

Leo you are over the moon about your work and overflowing with eager anticipation as it unfolds. Lots of people know what you are going through. They get you. They understand your bursts of happiness. Others, however, for whatever reason, could care less. That's okay. Talk about other things with them, because otherwise their lack of enthusiasm can rub off on you. You are engaged in creating something wonderful in your life, share with those who understand. They support your endeavors.