Leo Weekly Horoscope Weekly Horoscope Leo

Feb. 2 - 8

Leo, you reconnect with friends that mean the most to you. Given your progress and new goals, you feel like you have outgrown those friends who are from another time and life. You give the matter much though this week. To avoid future regrets, connect with your good friends like old times. Share with them your new life, goals and challenges. Reconnect with the essence of who they are and why you became friends in the first place. And then you will know who stays and who you cut loose.

Jan. 26 - Feb. 1

Leo, you sense a disturbance in the Force that troubles you. Itís that time of year for your life to experience more struggles than normal, but itís nothing you canít handle. You take these type of occurrences personally, when in reality they happen to everyone all the time. You are challenged to step up your leadership role now, and it requires you see your work from the perspective of an employer instead of from the mind set of a employee.