Weekly Horoscope Gemini Weekly Horoscope Gemini

Gemini July July 21 - 27

Gemini how do you make someone do something without them knowing itís coming from you? You try this week to get people to think itís their own idea and in their best interests to do what you want. What happens when they donít? More than likely you try again with new tactics, including guilt trips and giving people the silent treatment. Why not just be straight with them and stop playing manipulative games?

Gemini July 14 - 20

Gemini feelings take center stage this week and you deal with your own emotions on a whole new level. Itís easier for you to react and explain away how people get carried away and lose control of logic and reasoning, but now you are the one going feeling emotionally out of control and it doesnít help to just say ďstopĒ. You are learning the meaning of compassion the hard way by walking in the same shoes that you often wear only on special occasions.