Gemini Weekly Horoscope  Weekly Horoscope Gemini

March 2 - 8

Gemini, you love people, but you love knowing all about them and their lives even more. This week, however, your friends and relatives don't know if you love them or hate them. You are sharing their secrets with people, secrets that are not yours to tell but simply to keep. Hold off on telling everyone everyone's private business this week or be stuck with no one telling you anything ever again.

Feb. 16 - 23 to Mar. 1

Gemini, you are busier than you have been in a while, but have overstepped your own needs. Taking on so many new responsibilities is not as rewarding or as fun as you thought. You gave up too much of your own "me time." Time to take a step back and reassess your commitments. Better to make sure your own needs are being met than continuing on with a schedule that is too tiring, too stressful and too unrewarding.