Weekly Horoscope Gemini Weekly Horoscope Gemini

Gemini April 14 - 20

Gemini you are enjoying the start of the social season that warm weather brings. This year you are ready to take a break from high school antics that seem fun at first to join in on but before you know it dampens the festive mood for you and everyone else. Try this. When the gossip starts, only talk about the person being raked over the coals in a positive light. We promise you that you will notice a big difference in how you feel. Focus on positive aspects lifts your mood and charges your aura with positive attributes people gravitate to. Talk negative about others and notice how it takes you down, causes you to feel bad and have fewer people willing to join you there.

Gemini March 7 - 13

Gemini is standing up for yourself the same as confronting a bully? You let something slide. You let someone enforce their rules on you. It's not their doing. It's yours. No need to be mad at them. To change the situation so you are comfortable again, change your behavior. Speak your mind when someone says something that you disagree with. Speak up at the time it's happening. People do not read minds. They do not know how you feel, they can only go by your reaction. So speak up at the time it happens and if not then speak up now.