Gemini Weekly Horoscope  Weekly Horoscope Gemini

Mar. 30 - April 5

Gemini, this week, you cut to the chase make quick decisions easily and without effort. You know what you want, without the usual inner argument of looking at all the options or worrying what others might think or say. Make it your intent to continue on this new found clear mindedness you are enjoying. You will always know what you want. Knowing what others want is best left up to them.

March 23 - 29

Gemini, this week you focus more on your mistakes than your successes. The reason is simple. You are looking at other people more than your own life. You are imagining that others have it easier than you have. And so you think well I should live my life like they do. Stop right there. Stop looking outside yourself for guidance. You are the only one who knows your wants and needs and desires. This short lapse in confidence stems only from second guessing yourself and thinking others are happier or righter than you. No so. Take a break from your worries, go do something you absolutely love doing for the afternoon to get your head screwed back on straight.