Gemini Weekly Horoscope  Weekly Horoscope Gemini

April 27 - May 2

Gemini, worrying about nothing this week. The reason is simple. Your fears are feeding on themselves like empty calories. The more you worry the more you have to worry about. And the inverse is true as well. The more you focus on all that is going right in your life, the more you see is actually going right with your life. It's all in your perception. So what is your choice to focus on? Fear and worry, which rarely ever comes true, or the good and positive things that are already there for you to appreciate? Your choice.

April 20 - 26

Gemini, this week nothing makes sense. So wait for it to pass before reacting or acting on the confusing information. Follow your gut instinct. There is no need to act this right hot minute, especially before no facts are clear and straight forward, yet. Give your thoughts time to wrap around the issue and options that are available to you.