Gemini Weekly Horoscope  Weekly Horoscope Gemini

May 25 - 31

Gemini, this week you feel the need to play catch up, but want to start on new travel plans and projects that you don't want to wait or you will miss out. So, you do a little of this and a little of that and wind up spinning wheels and not making much progress on your big list of things to do. Starting new things is not the best idea now. Itís all about getting all of the unfinished work done that works smoothly and without too much effort. After June 12 you are good for starting new plans.

May 18 - 24

Gemini, this week you have trouble making a decision. Should you go with what you want or go with what you think you should do? There is a difference. One is what you feel is going to make you happy in life. The other decision is what you think is going to make someone else happy in life, like your parents, spouse or friend. If you don't live your own life, making decisions that are right for you who else will?