Gemini Weekly Horoscope  Weekly Horoscope Gemini

Jan. 26 - Feb. 1

Gemini, you are getting used to plans falling apart and having to reschedule everything top to bottom to get anything done. You like chaos, but not on this level. Expect the unexpected this week. it continues through mid-February, putting you behind deadlines and constantly playing catch up. Your one saving grace is to get organized and prioritized, which is not your favorite thing to do, especially when something fun comes up and you want to go play.

January 19 - 25

Gemini, the good news is your life is about to get better. The not so good news is that at first everything feels like it is out of your control. Work ahead of schedule as best you can this week. Double check on meetings and due dates. There may be delays or set-backs that signal a need to slow down, more time is needed before moving ahead.