Weekly Horoscope Capricorn Weekly Horoscope Capricorn

Capricorn July 21 - 27

Capricorn time to sell yourself, and you have to show you want it. So ask yourself if you really do want what you are asking for, and itís not motivated by anything else. You often want to achieve just for sake of adding another trophy to your wall, but does that keep you warm at night? Why not go after what has been truly missing on your scoreboard? Likely you are afraid it is out of reach and you are not deserving.

Capricorn July 14 - 20

Capricorn you carry around the weight of the world, and have found a new layer of guilt to add to that burden this week. Is it ever enough for you to allow yourself to sit back and relax? No. Some would call you a work alcoholic, but you donít think you work hard enough to ever claim that fame. Still, you do know you are too hard on yourself, but donít know how to stop demanding more. What matters more to you, however, is working productively and not just for the sake of working. For that reason you know long hours are less productive than shorter hours, right?