Capricorn Weekly Horoscope Weekly Horoscope Capricorn

Feb. 16 - 23 to Mar. 1

Capricorn, you are on a challenging experience this week. You are making your way based on your experience and also your intuition. You like challenges, but at times it feels like it is beyond your abilities. Actually it is all within your abilities. Your wiliness to accept new challenges and goals contains the ability to achieve them. Don't panic. Just make your way through. When it gets too rough, give a shout out to a trusted mentor who has your back.

Feb. 16 - 22

Capricorn, you are on overload this week, which actually pleases you. Everything is coming to completion this week, like opening night on Broadway. You thrive on the adrenaline and the excitement, completely ignoring your personal life. Your work and projects are where you heart and soul is this week. Your eye is on the future, as always, but the present requires your full attention to guarantee a successful outcome.