Cancer Weekly Horoscope Weekly Horoscope Cancer

March 2 - 8v

Cancer, you are eager to jump in to life and be more of who you are in public free of worrying what others think. This means putting yourself “out there” in new ways to get noticed and appreciated. Whether hunting for a new job, or new relationship, you dress to impress and put your best foot forward to get the prize. Good time to follow your hunches, they are on high alert to notice details.

Feb. 16 - 23 to Mar. 1

)Cancer, you are torn between helping others this week vs. taking care of your own needs. You can not get poor enough or sick enough to make others rich or achieve good health. Instead you deplete your own resources (time and money) to the point of resenting those you initially set out to help. They are as strong as you, so let them take care of themselves. Your top priority this week is helping yourself, as it is everyone's priority to be helping themselves as well.