Cancer Weekly Horoscope Weekly Horoscope Cancer

March 23 - 29

Cancer, this week there is no one else who gives you the go ahead except for you. Look to yourself for permission and making the final decisions. Everyone else is busy managing their own lives to notice what you are doing. No need to have an audience, and it doesn't mean you don't matter. Keep moving ahead. Keep your eyes on your own business until you get to the finish line.

March 16 - 22

Cancer, itís that time of year to close chapters and get ready to move on. You sense the ending to a part of your life, but do you see what the future holds? You donít want to know as you resist change more than most. However, what is coming are experiences you have already been dreaming and thinking of for a while. It's all good. Everything always works out for you, and this does too.