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Jan. 26 - Feb. 1

Cancer, You count on your friends to carry you through this week. You justify it by thinking they “owe” you for past favors or future promises which evens the score. That may be true, as long as they are aware that they are in your debt. What if they don’t come through as you hope? You question loyalties when that happens, but are you questioning your own in the process? Most likely you are the only keep score or doing favors for others while expecting a favor in return. Unless you tell people of your expectations they really don't "owe" you anything.

January 19 - 25

Cancer, changes come at you faster than you are initially comfortable with. While everything may seem turned upside down in your world right now, this is exactly what you have been wanting. And now it is happening. Question is, will you allow yourself to accept the changes in order to move forward? Everything works out well for you in this matter.