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December 22 - 28

Cancer, family drama is the norm for you this time of year. So you have to ask if you are the one attracting it to yourself. Probably. And there is the good news. You bring it on so you can certainly turn it away. The emotional drama is more a result of frayed nerves, shortness of time, too much to do and a wee bit of needing to just chill and relax. Get in the Christmas spirit and stay there. Appreciate more, blame less. Live and laugh more because tomorrow it's over and rather than bitter memories, you, above all, want positive memories of this year's holidays.

December 15 - 21

Cancer, this week trying to control others backfires right back at you. People catch on. They see right through your tactics, just as you see through people who try to control you.Let things happen naturally, instead of forcing what you perceive to be the perfect outcome for you and everyone else. Relax. Kick back and enjoy your friends and family. You will find everything works out just fine without your antics.