Cancer Weekly Horoscope Weekly Horoscope Cancer

May 18 - 24

Cancer, this week your dreams are intense now and more realistic. As if taking a stroll down memory lane, you will encounter people from your past, including the dear departed who seem to be so real that you will swear you were actually with them in another dimension. In waking life, you get surprise visits and updates about those still alive who make your daily routine become more like a “this is your life” reality show.

May 11 - 17

Cancer, this week the line between family and friends gets blurred. You may favor friends with fewer obligations than your family now. However In the long run relatives are more likely to support you and be there when needed. Bring the elements you cherish about your friends, i.e. not taking each other for granted and/or listening to every word they say. Find ways to incorporate that into your family relationships, using yourself as an example.