Weekly Horoscope Cancer Weekly Horoscope Cancer

Cancer Aug. 25 - 31

Cancer back to work, school and everything else that puts your nose to the grindstone. The first thing you face is criticism for taking too much time away from projects and people, and it looks like mission impossible to make up any slack any time soon. Does everyone need you so much to get on with their lives? Yes and No. You have contributed to things being stalled, but you canít wait much longer as people will move on with or without you. You decide.

Cancer Aug. 18 - 24

Cancer you are getting ready to get serious, but arenít quite done having fun yet. Canít the two go hand in hand? Watch the tendency to put off until tomorrow what should be done today, and look at the reasons why. Life is for living and enjoying to be sure, but are you playing now and intending to pay later? More than likely, you are trying to avoid feeling empty and depressed by booking as many parties as possible to attend. Is it going to work?