Weekly Horoscope Cancer Weekly Horoscope Cancer

Cancer Sept. 1 - 7

Cancer you are a chatter box this week and loving the interaction, especially the gossip. You reveal more than you like about yourself as you share secrets that people can put two and two together about you. Watch the tendency to be overly critical and expect more from others than you do from yourself. No one is perfect itís true, but things have a way of getting back to people that can take a long time to take back.

Cancer Aug. 25 - 31

Cancer back to work, school and everything else that puts your nose to the grindstone. The first thing you face is criticism for taking too much time away from projects and people, and it looks like mission impossible to make up any slack any time soon. Does everyone need you so much to get on with their lives? Yes and No. You have contributed to things being stalled, but you canít wait much longer as people will move on with or without you. You decide.