Cancer Weekly Horoscope Weekly Horoscope Cancer

Sept. 29 - Oct. 5

Cancer you put finishing touches on projects this week, but it doesnít mean all issues are resolved. Underlying emotions and resentments are still there, especially if you havenít openly addressed them with others. Like a pressure cooker about to explode, this is the calm before the lid flies off and causes someone to get burned in the process. Why wait until that happens?

Sept. 22 - 28

Cancer you can choose to focus on your worries but they will grow larger the longer you think about them. On the other hand, choosing to focus on all that is going right for you will also get bigger. Like thoughts attract like thoughts. Both positive and negative thoughts exists. Your happiness and peace of mind depends on which thoughts you choose to pursue. Your road to happiness can not be paved with worries and problems. Allow yourself the pleasure of your good feeling thoughts, wishes and prayers for a positive outcome.