Weekly Horoscope Cancer Weekly Horoscope Cancer

Cancer April 21 - 27

Cancer the only person you have any control over is yourself. Trying to get others to do want you want by telling them flattering lies about why they act on your suggestions leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth. Everything is working out. It's all set in motion. Better to sit back and enjoy the unfolding by enjoying your friends company.

Cancer April 14 - 20

Cancer you are so tired and done with being the bad guy in order to make others do what you want. You are starting to see, however, that there must be a better way than punishing people into doing what is good for them. In fact, punishing someone, yourself included, in hopes of leading them to something that is good for them never works. Why? Because it comes from a sense of fear. But, when you realize that deep down people want to be happy, they want to do good and they do realize when they are messing up ... there is no need to be hard on them. They see what they've done. They will correct their actions, if not now than later. For you, what's important is to stop doing what you hate doing. That does not make you feel good. Focus on how you feel. You can only control yourself and your own feelings.