Weekly Horoscope Cancer Weekly Horoscope Cancer

Cancer July 21 - 27

Cancer even though your birthday month is over, you donít want the party to stop. And, it does not have to. You like being in the spotlight and look for it in new ways to achieve that without stealing the spotlight from others who also deserve it. Why not share the fame, especially when you profited from help from the same people? Maybe your adoring fans do want an encore, but whatís wrong with leaving them wanting more?

Cancer July 14 - 20

Cancer you enjoy birthdays more than most, as it brings family and friends together without the usual effort. You like being the center of attention and be validated that people care about you, even if you donít care as much in return. You have a lot of plans for the coming year, and look back on the blessings that seemed to come your way out the blue. Now is when you want to push to make good things happen by your own doing.