Weekly Horoscope AquariusWeekly Horoscope Aquarius

Aquarius April 21 - 27

Aquarius time to get out of your ruts by changing your routines. Watch the tendency to make new ruts for yourself when trying something new. You are trying to find a comfort zone that doesn’t exist for you for long, if at all. It takes a while to fit into new shoes, and by the time you do, you are tired of them and want a new pair. Who is stopping you?

Aquarius April 14 - 20

Aquarius you put out fires this week, it shows where systems are failing and how they need to be updated. As you identify how people are stuck in the past, remember you still need them to succeed and achieve mutual goals. People want you to take the lead, but not leave them behind in the process. Give everyone a prominent role they can handle, and pick up the pieces without giving the impression they are outdated and useless.