Aquarius Weekly Horoscope Weekly Horoscope Aquarius

October 20 - 26

Aquarius you take a step back from dealing with people from an emotional perspective. Because the sky did not crash down on your head like you expected, in hindsight, it was too overboard with doom and gloom predictions. You are here to have fun, enjoy life and interact with interesting and kind people. This is not a dress rehearsal. Leave the drama out of situations and just do the work. Leaving the worries and the "what ifs" out of the situation instantly makes the occasion a brighter, happier one.

Aquarius October 13 - 19

Aquarius, recent changes in your life are triggering negative thoughts from past experiences. Time to change your focus to positive thoughts. You choose what you think about. Therefore, you have the free will to think different thoughts. Your mood and outlook on life are deeply influenced by what you choose to think about. Negative or positive thoughts, you are free to choose either one. It's up to you how good or bad you wish to feel.