Weekly Horoscope AquariusWeekly Horoscope Aquarius

Aquarius Sept. 1 - 7

Aquarius if you want something done your own way Ė do it yourself. Right? As much as you can be a one person show, does not work. Working within a group is not easy, and no one said it was. You have more insight than most to make for positive outcomes, and it should be a positive experience as well. Your genius should not be limited to your ideas, but how you inspire people with less imagination than yourself.

Aquarius Aug. 25 - 31

Aquarius itís easy to see whatís wrong with the world lately and call a spade a spade. You try to take the high road, but have to admit it might not work to take the bad players out of shooting you down. You tried, and itís strange that you feel guilty that you did the right thing. Isnít being honest what you are all about? Yes. No one said it would be easy to blow the whistle, but it is harder not to.