Weekly Horoscope AquariusWeekly Horoscope Aquarius

Aquarius Sept. 15 - 21

Aquarius you are tired of looking at what is not working for you. For that reason, you try new things and find the results you wanted all along. This is all part of how you re-do what you do to make your world a better place. Have you kept up with the changes happening around you? You answer that question, and strive to get ahead of the game to set a new standard instead of operating as usual.

Aquarius Sept. 8 - 14

Aquarius your critical side is strong now and gets you into trouble when you open your mouth and point fingers at everyone but yourself. This is not the way to inspire others to the greatness you hope for, but a great way to hurt their feelings and give up on you because you gave up on them. There’s better ways to offer constructive criticism than to be destructive.