Aquarius Weekly Horoscope Weekly Horoscope Aquarius

March 2 - 8

Aquarius, this week you get a feel for the direction you are moving in. It feels familiar to you because this is something you have been wanting to accomplish for a while. What once felt far away and never going to happen is now happening for you. This is just the beginning of your life to come for the next 4 years. Feels good. Savor it. Think about all of the things you look forward to and watch them come into being as well.

Feb. 16 - 23 to Mar. 1

Aquarius, time to fulfill the promises you made to yourself and others. However, as the projects are starting to take off it is not all what you thought it would be. It it not as easy, or fun or challenging. Pick one or all three. You are thinking it is better to keep quiet and keep moving forward, even though you are not as interested or motivated as before. Changes are a part of the process. Embrace them. Speak up, tweak and shape your promises into the inspiring ideas they were initially.