Weekly Horoscope AquariusWeekly Horoscope Aquarius

Aquarius July 21 - 27

Aquarius time to walk in a new pair of shoes, and you already know you will need to break them in before they feel comfortable. You are willing to go through the growing pains rather than sit this one out. Work through your stage fright, one performance at a time and be willing to take a chance and show people what you have to offer. You might be afraid it will make your head too big if you succeed. It wonít.

Aquarius July 14 - 20

Aquarius you donít feel comfortable in your shoes but canít figure out why. It would be funny if it wasnít so confusing as to what is making you tick so off the clock. You have been going through a long process to peel off layers of your skin since mid 2010, and have until early 2019 to reach the core. It may feel unnatural, only because it is new to you.