Aquarius Weekly Weekly Horoscope Aquarius

April 20 - 26

Aquarius, this week you move so fast it makes others seem like they are standing still. It looks to you like you are the only one getting things done. You want to tell everyone exactly what they need to do and how to get it done. However, this is about you because what you see in others is really what you see in yourself. So before you correct others stand in the mirror and tell yourself exactly what you think you need to be telling others.

April 13 - 19

Aquarius, your preference to communicate with others in verbal shorthand fails to work this week. Where you think you must now be forceful with others in your explanations stems from a misunderstanding. What you think is on everyone's mind and therefore does not need to be talked about is only on your mind. You want to communicate you ideas not to others as if they are refusing to listen to you. The truth is that others don't know what's going on with you. So be neutral when you explain to others what you want and need from them and you will find them willing and more than eager to help.