Aquarius Weekly Weekly Horoscope Aquarius

May 18 - 24

Aquarius, this week itís insane now how many people are coming into your life and not just for the time being. You are having a population explosion as your social life grows with folks who really want to be your friend, or travel in the same circles as you do. You love the interaction and activity. However it really boosts you peace of mind to get in your "alone time" you need to recharge and rejuvenate.

May 11 - 17

Aquarius, this week your reasons for what you do differs from others you work with. That's the way life works. We can not control other people. And, they can not control us. Let go of what others think. Do it for yourself, for the love of being engaged with others and building something of lasting value. If you do decide to make "why" an issue, you soon discover it holds you back, not them, you.